Overview of JRMA's Design Philosophy and Experience


Jrma has built its reputation and business by providing quality services, which brings clients back for more. Most of its clients are repeat clients, or referrals from other clients. These clients appreciate the results of Jrma’s commitment to provide creative solutions for the client’s specific needs.

Paying close attention to detail, budgets, and the schedule, are foremost concerns for Jrma; and are absolute requirements for a successful project.

Jrma's design experiences include a multitude of project types including:


  • Religious Facilities Including, Churches, Educational Units and Multi-Purpose Buildings.

  • Educational Facilities Including, Public, Charter, and Private Schools, Pre-schools and Licensed Day Care facilities.

  • Medical Facilities Including: Mental Health Centers, Medical and Dental Offices, Assisted Living Centers, and Out Patient Clinics.

  • Commercial Facilities Including: Office Buildings, Banks, Retail Centers, and Restaurants.

  • Industrial Facilities Including: Industrial, Warehouse and Manufacturing Buildings.

  • Communication Facilities Including: Planning and Budgeting for Code Compliance Issues, Budgeting, Switching Centers, Data Center Remodeling, Life Safety and Space Planning, Battery and Power Back Up Facilities, Radio Tower Codes Consulting.

  • Residential Properties

  • Renovation and Remodeling Projects.

  • Land Master Planning, and Re-zoning Services.

  • Due Diligence Reports, Codes Consulting and Cost Analysis.

  • Interior Design and Space Planning.

James R. Marshall, Principal

“Provide quality services, of the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, and your clients will come back for more.”

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