About JRMA

Shaping the Future

Improving existing, or creating new programs to meet present and future needs are basic elements of maintaining and growing a business.

Each client comes to JRMA with a unique set of needs, which must be molded into a physical plan that will address the current needs, and set the groundwork for future needs, through logical planning and when possible, expandability.

JRMA has built its reputation and business by successfully addressing each client’s unique needs by providing quality services, which brings clients back for more.

Most of its clients are repeat clients or referrals from other clients. These clients appreciate the results of JRMA’s commitment to providing creative solutions for their specific needs.

Paying close attention to the client’s needs, details, budgets, and schedules, are foremost concern for JRMA; and are absolute requirement for a successful project.



The art and science through an integrative approach of a building design to provide functionality, safety, and creative vision. JRMA provides full building site and building design services from concept to completion.

Land Planning

Proper land planning establishes the highest use of a property and incorporates efficient utilization of the land, with provisions for the ease of circulation and the protection of natural resources.

Respect for surrounding neighborhoods and uses and consideration of the economic returns must be blended together for a successful development.

Interior Design

The final touches made to the interior of a building should be a compliment to the activities intended for the space, and establish an atmosphere suitable to the client’s needs.

Whether it is to establish a corporate image, or to provide the durability and prominence of a public space, Jrma’s interior design expertise will provide the professional services required for the project.