Portfolio – Automotive

Automotive Sales and Service Centers

Automotive sales and service centers are unique retail businesses requiring careful programming of the business requirements in the early stages of planning.

Unlike most retail businesses the site requirements are more extensive due to the number of vehicles stored on the site yet similar to other types of freestanding standing retail businesses requiring great visibility, easy access, and convenient customer parking.

Full-service automotive facilities require a distinct separation of sales customer and service activities, both visually and physically, although most have these activities abutted to each other separated only by an interior wall.

The sounds of the service area must be acoustically separated for the sales customer areas.

Site considerations include the separation and safety of customers and their vehicles from large vehicles making deliveries during business hours, after-hour security of auto display and parking areas, convenient customer parking, clear access and visibility for customers to vehicle drop off and pick up their vehicles, secured vehicle storage for customer vehicles awaiting service and bright lighting of parking and storage areas.