Portfolio – Corporate Offices – Overland Park, KS

LEED Level 4 Project

Jrma has been providing clients with innovative solutions to buildings since its early years of designing homes using active and passive solar, geo-thermal, and alternative energy features.

This experience paved the way for utilizing the same experience in commercial buildings as the firm moved from residential to commercial design.

The corporate office building shown on this page is a rehab of a building constructed in the 1970s. The building had single pane glass windows, thin insulation board in the exterior walls and very little roof insulation. The structural frame, roof and floor framing were determined to be structurally sound and provided an opportunity to re-use not only the structure, but the existing parking lot, site improvements and utilities.

The building interior and exterior materials were removed, separated and recycled.

The building envelop was re-designed utilizing features and products to conform to, or exceed, correct code and as required for LEED certification.

The exterior design reduced the amount of transparent glass, incorporated a fire-resistant weather/air barrier, aluminum thermally separated curtainwall window and door framing, highly efficient insulated glass, heavily insulated and sealed exterior walls, low reflectance TPO and metal roofing. Louvered sun shades shade the windows from the summer sun, but allow sunshine in during the winter.

All lighting was changed to LED lighting and the landscaping was designed to reduce water required for irrigation by 50 percent.

Rain water drainage form the roof is collected in underground storage tanks and used for flushing facilities inside the building.