Portfolio – Conference Center – Overland Park, KS

Corporate Conference Center

The conference center is phase two of the corporate office building. It consists of three meeting rooms covered with a unique two-layer insulated structural tensile fabric ceiling and canopy roof covering system.

The roof canopy is unique in that it has an opaque liner on the exterior and translucent liner on the interior with R-38 insulation for compliance with the energy code and to allow video conferencing activities inside the building. Most structural tensile fabric canopies are translucent to let natural lighting in, and provide not insulating value.

The building is designed with acoustically engineered full glass folding walls between each room, and to the exterior, so the interior spaces can be utilized simultaneously as 3, 2, or 1 large meeting room, with the flexibility of opening both the interior and exterior folding walls to provide and a totally open-air environment for special events.

The conference center also includes exterior gathering areas for corporate events, team meetings, brainstorming, meditation, grilling, a putting green, fire pit, KOI pond with water fall, and lush landscaping.