Portfolio – Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics, Offices, Counseling Centers

Medically related facilities have unique design requirements based on their licensing and patient care requirements, however, there are basic design criteria that applies to all such facilities.

Facility certification, budget limitations, site access and circulation, utilities, zoning, project scheduling, specialized equipment requirements, staffing, proximity to medical and public safety facilities are initial criteria for the site selection.

For the most operationally efficient facility, a fully defined written program of needs, defining specific space needs, and the relationship between departments must be developed through meetings with leadership, department directors, medical staff, specialized equipment venders and the design team.

Careful consideration of access for compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act to provide access for the staff and patients, acoustical design for privacy, lighting designed for patient needs and psychological comfort are but a few design criteria for a fully functional facility.

Exterior and interior finishes should provide for durability and low maintenance yet, softness through the selection of materials and colors to minimize an institutional feeling.

The privacy, dignity and health of the patient or client are the keystones of a successfully administered and designed facility.