Featured Work

Jrma’s design experiences include a multitude of project types including:

  • Religious Facilities Including, Churches, Educational Units, and Multi-Purpose Buildings.
  • Educational Facilities Including, Public, Charter, and Private Schools, Pre-schools and Licensed Day Care facilities.
  • Medical Facilities Including: Mental Health Centers, Medical and Dental Offices, Assisted Living Centers, and Out Patient Clinics.
  • Commercial Facilities Including: Office Buildings, Banks, Retail Centers, and Restaurants.
  • Industrial Facilities Including: Industrial, Warehouse and Manufacturing Buildings.
  • Communication Facilities Including: Planning and Budgeting for Code Compliance Issues, Budgeting, Switching Centers, Data Center Remodeling, Life Safety and Space Planning, Battery and Power Back Up Facilities, Radio Tower Codes Consulting.
  • Residential Properties
  • Renovation and Remodeling Projects.
  • Land Master Planning, and Re-zoning Services.
  • Due Diligence Reports, Codes Consulting and Cost Analysis.
  • Interior Design and Space Planning.

Exterior Architecture

Monarh Hall

Client: AR Bros


Divi HQ Office Building

Client: Divi Inc.


Extra Appartment Complex

Client: Extra